Success always welcomes improvement.


That’s more than philosophy.  Whether large or small, for profit or non-profit, in a local, regional, national or international marketplace, and in all industries, every individual, every company is goal-oriented to be more successful. I know because I’ve helped businesses improve their success for more than twenty-five years.

I have overseen key areas of business management in various business sectors.  After completing my Masters degree from NYU in organization development, I worked for NJ Bank assessing, diagnosing, and recommending changes to improve processes for commercial loan customers.  It was a unique and golden opportunity.  I implemented innovations that consistently produced efficiencies, improved the quality of operations, and enhanced the corporate bottom line as an essential component of securing the commercial loan.

What I learned in that environment easily transferred to other industries, including the nonprofit sector and professional services firms, specifically law firms.  My ability to diagnose and treat specific structural inefficiencies, design and implement strategies, and corral resources has given me a critical understanding of the needs of business owners.    As a management consultant, I engage powerful resources that work for my clients.  As but one example, as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor I setup QuickBooks® desktop and QuickBooks® Online to be compliant with GAAP and, more important, as a tool for ease of use by my clients, whom I train and support.  Additionally, I find third-party applications for other key business operations that integrate with QuickBooks®, for example time and billing and practice management solutions for attorneys.  While working with a business’ financial data I frequently find ways to reduce expenses.  In a recent engagement, I secured a 49% savings in annual payroll fees a client was being charged.

Over the past two years I have become conversant in the ever-increasing, cloud-based business productivity solutions, focusing on their implementation potential for small businesses and law firms.  I also recognize the potential for these solutions to mitigate the interruption of business services and the loss of communication with customers that occurs during short-term outages and longer-term disasters.  I partner with other professionals to offer Business Continuity Planning as part of emergency/disaster readiness.

Innovation … Balance of structure and agility … Experience … are a few of the descriptions my clients use to describe the changes I bring to their business.  Can you improve your business success?  Call me and we’ll do it together!.

 Pamela Rozsa