How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a process improvement consultant?

I’ve been providing organizational development strategies and process improvement for more than 25 years (I took a hiatus of more than a decade to raise my children).  I’ve always been curious about how organizations work — all kinds of organizations like businesses, volunteer committees and organizations, social clubs – and what makes an organization function well.  Many of the structural, leadership and workflow requirements are the same.   I’ve also excelled at getting things accomplished quickly, correctly and efficiently.  When I completed college I decided to follow my passion and completed a Master of Public Administration degree from New York University with a concentration in organizational development.


Who are your clients exactly? 

My clients are small business– usually fewer than 15 employees – and small to medium size professional service firms, particularly law firms.


What happens if you haven’t yet worked with businesses in my industry or size?

I am a good listener with a lot of experience in numerous industries including insurance, banking, construction, government, non-profit charities, medical and legal, publishing, and manufacturing (the back office, not on the floor).  These experiences have trained my ear to hear business pain points.   In concert with an understanding that the principles of good business operations are universal, I am able to work with almost any business to help streamline back office operations.


How are you different from other “management consultants”?

My consulting is holistic and I employ powerful resources so your business operates more efficiently and you manage your time, money, and information.  Other management consultants may focus on specific problems, e.g. human resources, and not review the overall operational processes to isolate specific weaknesses. My approach is to assist you in removing obstacles that hinder cultivation of a successful business.


For what type of business is your consulting NOT going to work?

Business owners who are not prepared to explore solutions and/or make changes to operations.  Change occurs when there is both expectation and acceptance of change.  When as a business owner you support change, we can implement effective solutions.


What results can I expect?

The implementation and deployment of new operational procedures and/or software applications vary by type, style and business.  The results are directly correlated to the extent and type of work required. You may experience some “pushback” by individuals before they become accustomed to and accept the change.  In most cases, some improvement in operations is realized almost immediately.


Does this really work? 



How quickly can I expect results?

Depending on the solutions(s), immediately to within several months of full deployment and training.


Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?  



Will I recover the investment I put into your consulting services? 

Certainly the return on investment will depend on what issues are being addressed and the solutions being implemented.  While no consultant can guarantee a specific dollar return on investment, your business will operate more efficiently, saving you money and time.


Pam, I know I want to have more time and money and operate more efficiently. What are my options for getting started with you?

The quickest way to get started is by completing the contact form found on this website. When I receive it I will reply (with a questionnaire of your needs/or/ to schedule an appointment to discuss your business’ needs.