Pam Rozsa saved me time and money!

Pam helped me streamline data entry into QuickBooks® through third-party integrations such as payroll and the Mobile App.  As part of her review she assessed the payroll processing function and fees.  She then negotiated a 49% annual savings for my business with my payroll provider.  I highly recommend Pam for small businesses."

Monika Hagan
Monika’s Cleaning Service

Pam understands the unique requirements of a law office

Pam Rozsa understands the unique accounting requirements for a law office. She reconfigured our QuickBooks® data file to properly handle these activities. We now utilize QuickBooks® for all of our transactions, including trust accounting and advanced client costs. Pam created custom reports that, in three clicks or less, give us the financial information we need for client matters and the Courts. She also understands the integration of technology within a legal practice. Pam is extremely knowledgeable and has a high level of integrity. I encourage other firms to utilize Pam's services.

Thomas D. Aristide, Esq.
Law Office of Thomas D. Aristide

Change can be frightening!

Our firm was in transition and the prospect of all the changes we needed to undertake was daunting.  Pam Rozsa helped us plan and execute a physical move, technology upgrades, strategic personnel changes, and practice management solutions.  Through Pam’s guidance and efforts our firm successfully navigated and accepted the changes required to move forward as a viable firm."

Lawrence P. Stern
Stern & Stern, LLP.

Pam Rozsa knows how to get things done!

Over the past several years I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Pam on a number of successful projects.  I have benefited from the skills and experience that she brings to the table; and her willingness to listen and ability to collaborate are valuable assets. Pam strives for perfection - this is evident in the results of the service that she provides."

Monica D’Amore
D’Amore Consulting, LLC

Pam Rozsa is extremely professional, knowledgeable and decisive.

She researches every aspect of a project to ensure she makes the proper recommendations.  Pam is keen on exploring new technologies that maximize her clients’ time and money.  Her attention to detail on projects is second to none and I highly recommend Pam as a consultant whether you’re setting up a new business or retooling an existing office."

Vicki Simpkins
RDS Solutions

Pamela Rozsa has been a great help

Pamela Rozsa has been a great help shaping our charitable strategies in regards to the DreamHappy Foundation. Her kind demeanor and quick wit are very valuable assets to any organization."


William Weaver
DreamHappy Foundation

Pam was able to quickly understand and dissect a complex issue...

I recently opened up a new law office and in conjunction, a new legal software package for accounting, trust accounting and time/billing. I had a few hurdles to get everything running/organized properly. Over the phone, Pam was able to quickly understand and dissect a complex issue, devise a solution, and work with me to not only implement it but allow me to understand what she had done so I could replicate it in the future. She responds almost instantly to calls and emails. I highly recommend her.

Jerald Stein, Esq.
Law Offices of Jerald M. Stein