Law Firm Practice Management


“A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.”

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President

PWR Resources appreciates the unique requirements of the sole practitioner and small law firm. We assist firms in the key areas of workflow improvement, developing procedures to improve cost effectiveness, and utilization of cloud based practice management, billing and law firm accounging software.

The sole practitioner and small law firm are uniquely positioned to benefit from cloud computing options. A monthly subscription at a rate far less than your firm’s billable hour rate, both the attorney and assistant access tools to manage workflow, maintain calendars, capture time for billing, improve matter management. 

Depending upon your, and your firm’s needs, there are two solid, industry leaders available.  Both handle routine workflow extremely well, including document management, time and expense billing, case workflows, and client communications.  

Clio stands out as a leader in practice management and billing.  Where it stands apart is in its integration with an extensive third-party “marketplace” that handle such important tasks as e-discovery, research, automatic time capture of computer work or phone calls, secure client portal, and more. Employing these additional “apps” improves work product and workflow.  Clio syncs with both QuickBooks® Online and Xero 

CosmoLex is the only cloud based practice management application that gives you one login to a full suite of tools.  In addition to calendar, workflows, time and expense billing, and IOLTA accounting, CosmoLex is the only application with fully integrated Law Firm Accounting.  No more export/import of data to another software; no more syncs.  For example, when you pay a cost you post it contemporaneously to the matter and print the check from within the software.  Everything to run your practice with one login.   Please see a full description on my Law Firm Accounting page.

With either of these software options, PWR Resources will help your firm

  • Manage your workflow and calendars
  • Handle Law Firm Accounting
  • Capture more clients
  • Bill more time
  • Practice law, not manage technology.

Please use the contact form to send us an inquiry about how PWR Resources can help your firm be more profitable.